Results From Last Visit at Doctors

The other day I had my quarterly diabetes checkup with my endocrinologist.  This is a type of doctor that specializes in diabetes and helps to make decisions on what type of insulin is needed and how much.  My endo (for short) is a really great guy!  He always loves to talk and shows a great interest in me and what I do.  He knows I work at a liquor store and really love wine, so he always talks about wine with me.  What is supposed to be a quick checkup and follow up can sometimes turn into half an hour of talking about wine, whisk(e)y, beer and stuff.  I like that.  I feel it is important when doctors show an interest in their patients.  That they are not just “here I am, keep doing what you are doing.”  Or, “change this, do that, have a great day.”  It builds a great relation when they take time to interact with their patients.  It shows that they care, and pay attention to us.

I visit this doctor about every four months.  A week before, I get my blood test and any other test that were ordered.  Usually I get an A1C test, which shows the amount of sugar in an average over a long period of time.  A higher A1C is what helps diagnose diabetes, and after, is what helps dictate what treatment is need.  My latest one was 6%, which is pretty good for someone with diabetes.  It was 5.9% last time, and stayed at 5.8% for awhile.  Considering I was at 13.8% when diagnosed and was in the hospital thinking I might die.  I have truly turned it around.

There wasn’t much more that changed as far as my insulin intake.  It just takes a little adjustment here and there, as with all treatments.  Overall I am happy and my doctor is happy with how I maintaining.  I am doing at the best most diabetics could be doing.  Many would kill to get that 6% or lower.  I have no complaints!

Not much more to report here, just wanted to share this with you all!  Hope everyone is having a great day/night and as always, thank you for reading.  Be safe and stay healthy!



Nickname Given at Work

There have been many nicknames I have had in the past.  Some I am still called to this day, others have died off and a couple were for a day or two.  Such nicknames I have been giving are Rye (or Ry) depending on how you want to spell it.  Rye Bread, Rye Guy, RJ, Crazy Eddie (I can’t explain that one), Riot, Hank (long story) and my most current one is Two Brooms.  That’s the one I will explain in this blog.

It is quite a funny story how I got my name Two Brooms.  It is a rather quick story, but I will add in some detail leading up to it.  I work at a liquor store as a stork clerk let’s call it.  My main duties include stocking shelves, assisting customers with purchases, doing carryouts, cleaning at end of shift and as well cleaning any breakage that happens in the store.  Don’t worry, everyone has to do this as well it just depends on who is working that day and who can get to the task sooner.  Well it was a breakage that happened in the store that would lead me to get my nickname.

A co-worker of mine was changing the wine on our enomatic, which is a wine station that allows you to keep wine fresh for many weeks.  We use this to give out samples to customers that want to try something new but are not sure what to get.  It is a great way to not only help us out with suggestions, but it also gives customers the chance to try something before they buy it.  Anyway, my co-worker was taking out a wine that had gone bad and while she was doing this she accidentally knocked a wine glass off the table.  There was a little wine in the glass so we needed to get a mop to clean it up.  Before we use the mop we take a broom and dustpan to clean up the glass.  She asked me to go get everything we needed to clean up and so I did, getting the broom and dustpan first.  So I thought.

After I had brought the broom and dustpan to her I went back to get the mop and mop bucket.  My co-worker got on her walkie (we wear these at work to talk to each other when we need something or are doing inventory) and she tells me when I come back with the mop to bring the dustpan.  “The dustpan?”  I reply as a question.  “Yes, the dustpan Ryan.  You brought me out two brooms.”  “Ok,” I said.  I thought she was crazy or joking around.  Sure enough she was correct.  I saw the dustpan in the back, but I was very sure I had taken one out to her.  So as I returned with the mop and dustpan sure enough to my eyes were two brooms that she was holding.  After that another co-worker started calling me Two Brooms, and it is sticking.  I love it!

I like the name so much that I even started using it in this baseball game I play and it is my team name.  It’s funny because when people play against me they will have no idea where that name came from.  Nor is there anyway they would.

So that’s my story of my current nickname that I have trending around.  Now it’s your turn.  What nicknames have you had or currently have?  How did these names come to be?  I bet there are some awesome stories waiting to be heard!

Thanks again as always for reading.  Hope this gave you all a little laugh today.  Take care!  See you in the next blog!



A Day of Feeling Sick

We have all had those days where we just feel like crap and don’t feel like doing anything or maybe can’t do anything.  That’s what happened to me today.  I must say that I am feeling better now and hopefully will be all good tomorrow.

I woke this morning feeling alright.  I was a little tired but I usually am when I first get up.  Once I start to move around and get going I am ready to start my day.  So it wasn’t any concern when I woke up feeling tired.  I did my normal morning routine that I always do.  I checked my blood sugar, injected my insulin and ate my breakfast.  After that I decided to watch a little news and drink my coffee.  It was about thirty minutes into the news when I started to feel dizzy.  On top of that I was getting a stomach ache and a headache.  I figured I just needed more rest so I turned off the news and lied down for a few minutes.  As these few minutes continued on I realized I was getting very tired, a little cold and shaky.  I have had this happen to me before so I figured it would just pass.  I decided to go back to sleep for awhile to recover.

I was able to go back to sleep for a couple hours but once I woke up I felt no better than I did before.  This was around 1:00pm and I figured if I was feeling any better now I probably wouldn’t be in a few hours when I had to be at work.  I decide I would have to call work and tell them that I would not be making it in today.  This is the first time so far that I have called out since I started working there almost a year ago, so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem.  Once I got off the phone I tried to go back to sleep.  I was able to this for another hour but I knew I needed to eat and get moving if there was any chance of trying to feel better.

I tried to eat some food earlier in the day after breakfast but had no appetite.  Thankfully after my long nap I was able to eat a little bit.  I still felt dizzy and had the headache but my stomach was doing a little bit better.  I decided that I needed water more than anything so I started to drink some and start moving around the house.  In a short time I was finally feeling better but still had this funky feeling still in my head.

Now here I am, just finished dinner and am watching the Olympics.  I am feeling much better, but I know I should turn in early to make sure I get a good rest and hopefully fully recover tomorrow.

I hope everyone else is doing well.  I know so far it seems like everyone is having some sort of sickness this season.  Just stay healthy and get plenty of rest and fluids.  Thanks for taking time to read this post today.  Take care!



Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here at last!  Although for single people like me it doesn’t really matter.  Even if I wasn’t single I still don’t think it would matter to me.  It’s just another day for me.  Although on one hand, the month is now half way over!  There are still many things I have done on this day.  I wish I could remember them but I will say what I did growing up and what I plan on doing today.

I think my most favorite(s) were when I was in elementary school.  It was a day filled with cards and candy and more cards and more candy!  We didn’t really do anything that day in school.  We were all so focused on getting to our next class to see what special treat the teacher had in store and what fun movie or activity would be planned that day (at least in the younger part of elementary school).  The best part of it all was that we were allowed for that day to eat candy in class!  Never any other day would that happen.  Well, almost never any other day.  Overall that is pretty much it as far I as can remember what we did.

Today my mom is taking my step dad and me out to dinner to this restaurant down the street from where we live.  There is already a pre-set menu for a four course dinner!  I best be hungry later tonight.  After that I will probably go to my usual bar I go to on Wednesday night which is also right down the street, in fact the next plaza over from where we will go to dinner.  I always go around 7:30-8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and stay for about four hours.  It’s half bottle wine night so I always get a bottle.  I also always get an order of Old Bay Wings, but I may not be hungry after dinner tonight.  Who am I kidding?  I will make some room.

I like to watch sports while I am there as well, and the Olympics are on so that will make it that much better!  Every other Wednesday they also have open mic night.  It is usually always the same guy that plays although once in awhile other people show up to sing.  It’s a great place and they always know what I want, the wings that is.  They know I want wine, just what kind do I want that evening?

The bar also happens to be next to a PokeStop so I play my Pokemon Go while I am there.  At around 9:00pm I join this Twitter diabetes chat group for an hour and after just chill talking to the other regulars that are there.  Come 11:00pm I cork and bag the rest of my wine, get a dram of whisk(e)y and by 11:30pm sometime 12:00am I pay my check and leave.  So that is exactly what I will do tonight as well.

Alright, sorry I rambled on there.  It was not my original plan when I started writing.  It worked out anyway since I mentioned what I have planned for the whole night.  So now what about you?  What are your favorite Valentines Day memories?  What are your plans for this one?  Does it even mean anything to you?  Let me know.  As always, thanks for reading and have a great day and be safe!




Update on My Cat Wonder

Well my friends, it has been one week since my cat Wonder has gone missing.  I feel at this point the inevitable has happened.  There has not been any sign that he has made an appearance.  I just hope that he found a nice comfortable place to meet his peace.

I’m not going to go in to detail again about him, if you want to, read my “Where is My Cat, Wonder?”  That I explain how I found him and how he got his name.

It is hard to have to come to this decision that he is gone for good, but I will always in the back of my mind be on the lookout, just hoping he comes back.  I’m just happy that he lived a nice long life.  He was such a great cat!  I will post some pictures of him below.

This will be a very short blog as I just wanted to update you all on what was going on.  Thank you for reading and just keep this little guy in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you!


Wonder 2.jpgWonder 3.jpgWonder Food.jpg

A Blue Walrus!

In the picture below is a blue walrus.  It is a stuffed animal that I made in either the sixth or seventh grade.  I completely forgot about him.  I was going through my closet the other day doing some cleaning and trying to make space so I could fit everything I had.  There was this one large bin in the closet that I never paid much attention to.  I didn’t even know what was inside, in fact I didn’t even think it was my stuff to begin with.  As I opened it I started seeing all these items that I thought were long gone.  There was some old school poster projects that I did, which those were always my favorite kind.  There were some birthday cards from all the milestones in life.  You know, thirteen, eighteen, Twenty-one, I even think there was a very early birthday card from two or three.  The item that stuck out most to me was this blue stuffed walrus!

As mentioned, I can’t quite remember which grade, but I know it was in middle school that I made him.  It was a school project in Home Economics, which I don’t even know if they still teach that today in school.  We had quite a few animals we could choose from but at this time for some reason I liked walruses.  As to why I picked the color blue is beyond me.  My favorite color has always been red.  I think maybe when trying to figure out what would be a stand out color, the blue, or sky blueish color worked best.  Whatever the reason, I think it turned out just fine!

I do remember I had a difficult time at first with making him.  I was never good at sewing or stuffing and putting things together.  A classmate of mine helped me put him together.  That was also the point of the class as well.  We helped each other.  We each had a partner for the semester.  We cooked sometimes, we sewed and we learned how to tell based off of smell and looks if food had gone bad.  It was a fun class looking back on it now.  I know at the time I was not a big fan, but it was a class that I think really did teach me something.  It was needed.  Of course the best thing is that I got a walrus out of it!

Thanks again for taking time to read my blog post.  Have you ever made a stuffed animal?  If so, what animal was it?  If you still have it I would love to see them!  Until next time, hope you all have a great one and enjoy this adorable guy below!


Walrus .jpg

What’s Your Animal?

So, I have a question for you all.  What’s your animal?  Now this question can be answered many ways and you are free to pick any or all of them.  What I mean by “what’s your animal” I mean what is your favorite animal?  What is your spirit animal?  What animal would you like to be if you could be one?  It doesn’t even have to be the same animal to answer all of these questions.  For me, I would say it would be the same to all three questions?  My animal for these is a bear!

A bear?  Yes, a bear!  I just love bears so much and have always had a stuffed bear(s).  Something about them I just find fascinating!  I’m not talking about specifically any kind of bear just the bear family in general.  They seem to be protectors of their land.  Willing to stand up to danger when needed.  They are a family protector.  They see the sweetness in life and everything it has to offer.  They also have to hibernate, so they appreciate privacy and quietness.

Now why would this be my spirit animal?  Well as mentioned above, bears are protectors!  I am the type of person, while I might run and hide if I’m being attacked solo, I will never back away when family and friends are involved.  I will find that courage that resides in me and go in for the kill.  I also happen to have diabetes, and while this might seem like it has anything to do with bears, I can make it work.  Bears need a time of rest.  They need to refuel.  Thus, they hibernate.  I as a human don’t have that luxury, but I can still go off and do something by myself and be alone.  Diabetes can take a toll on life sometimes.  What is my sugar at now?  Did I take enough insulin?  Why am I high?  Why am I low?  Sometimes I just need a day away from people and take time for myself with all these thoughts.  It’s not very fun when you are with people that are having fun but your blood sugars are either through the roof or on the floor.  It is those times when you just wish you could be alone for bit, get everything under control and then continue on with the sweetness of life.  I know we all need rest, but sometimes we need it more and little longer than others.

Ok, now as to why I wish I could be bear?  Well there are many reasons, but I will give a few.  First, I think they are cute, especially as a cub.  Second, they are a free spirt animal.  They roam the earth practically.  I wish I could explore that much.  Finally, they are a fighter animal.  They are strong and are always willing to put themselves in danger if need be.  I mentioned that before.  So why not be a bear?  Why not be something that you can find traits that relate to you?  Besides, as I said, I just really love bears!

Well there you have it, bear is three for three in my book.  However, you could very well have a different animal for all these questions.  I would like to know.  What is your favorite animal?  What is your spirit animal?  What animal would you like to be if you could be one?  What’s your animal?