Snow, Snow and Sick

Well my friends we have had our first snow storm of the year (at least here in Maryland and the surrounding areas) and it seems to be quite a few inches!  I’m not the greatest fan of snow because it keeps me inside creating some cabin fever affects.  It’s pretty, sure, but it disrupts everything.

Due to the fact that they were calling for a few inches, the plow trucks were out late last night going around my neighborhood.  What I didn’t expect was to wake up this morning seeing the stop sign by my cul-de-sac being knocked over, probably by the trucks.  “Great job guys, salt our roads, knock over our signs!”  LOL.  In a way however it’s good that it snowed when it did since I am just getting over a mild sickness.

Yesterday I woke feeling so queasy, my head was spinning, my sinuses felt stuffed over, and I had a mild stomach ache.  I was not at my best by far.  I ended up having to call out of work (last night they told me to take today off as well, with the snow and all) and I ended up going back to sleep for a couple hours.  Despite that I was ill, my blood sugars remained in check, which I am lucky that so far it usual does, so I have never been gravely ill.  As of today I am much better, still a little stuffed up, but I should be all back to normal tomorrow.  Just need another great long night of sleep.  Hopefully the weather will get better so I can at least get out and stretch my legs tomorrow.

That’s all for now.  I hope you all are staying happy and healthy.  Take care!



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A Week In

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!  I know it’s a week in but this is my first post for the year.  I really want to delve into great thoughts and discussions this year.  So if there is anything you want me to blog about, please let me know.

With that, so far this year is starting off at par.  I was a little sick, but nothing too horrible that it didn’t prevent me from working or doing whatever I usually do, just a head cold I would say.  I am leaving 2018 behind it was not the best for me, but not the worst, however I really want to focus on moving forward and bettering myself with what can happen this year.

My blood sugars have been amazing!  Right?  Even through the holidays I am staying in range.  Well, for the most part.  There are always going to be a few mishaps here and there.  I just really want to see myself stay on course, and keep that A1C under 6%.  I think it’s a little easier for me because of an active job and also my low intake of carbs, but everyone is different.  We can’t all live the same and have the same results.  That’s the biggest downer of diabetes.  We are all different.

I really want to get back into blogging this year, so as I said, please give me ideas for what to write.  I don’t want to ghost the entire year until it’s time for 2020.  Maybe a quick update every week will do, but also something else during the week.  Anyway, thanks for reading, and will post again soon!

photo of fireworks during evening

End of the Year

Well, I know I have not been writing like I have I said I would.  I hope to really get into it again following the New Year!  I just need to keep with it!

Just a quick update on myself, I am doing great!  My A1C last taken a month or two ago was 5.6%!  That is fantastic!  I feel very great about myself and how I maintain my type 1 diabetes.  Especially during this time of year when we can tend to gorge a little more.  I know my limits and if need be always take more insulin to make up for.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know I am still here.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Baseball and Bringing Up Our Youth

Well baseball season is here and has already started!  I love to watch baseball, but then again I love to watch most sports!  I’m really hoping for great season for all my favorite teams.  Yes I have more than one.  I think we all should, that way on the off days or when a team plays earlier or later in the day and we can’t watch them, we will be able to watch the other team(s) that we like.

I used to play baseball when I was younger.  I was in little league.  I wasn’t that good at it however, but it was a great experience in life.  It taught me about teamwork, patience and to except that not everything can go your way.  I think more people, especially young people, ok, kids and teens should be required to find some sort of activity to do after school.  It’s a great way to really teach young people at an early age of things that they will face later in life.  They need to be prepared and face the hard facts dead one.

Of course this should be a slow activity with different scenarios being taught at a different age.  Don’t scare a five year old into going to college and getting a good job.  A good thing is teamwork at that age.  I remember so many times when I was that young that everything was mine!  Even if it was, who wants to share at that young of age?  That is why it is is important to start early.  Teamwork, sharing and caring.

Well, that was just something that popped into my head and wanted to share it with you all.  Sorry I have been away for some time.  I’m hoping to get back to doing this daily again.  Hope you are all doing well and tell me your thoughts on bringing up our youth?




Spring and Snow and Melting.

The other day was the first day of Spring here where I live.  First day of Spring and it snowed 8 inches.  Don’t you just love that?  Uh, no!  It kept me from going out and going to work on Wednesday.  Why did it not snow like it did the other day in the Winter?  It’s not that I hate the snow, I just don’t driving in it.  I don’t like that cold has to come along with it.  Really the only positive thing about snow it how beautiful it looks.

The crazy thing is that much of the snow has already melted.  I can start seeing the ground again, the birds are out chirping, and the warmish weather is coming back.  I still can’t wait till May when it really starts to warm up.  I am someone that likes to go walking.  I don’t do much walking in the snow.

Well, anyway it’s been awhile, just wanted to let know I’m still here.  Just having writers block on what to write.


Diabetes and Spring

Well it’s almost here!  Spring is right around the corner (Northern Hemisphere that is).  With spring comes Daylights Savings, so that means more daylight!  If you observe it.  This plays an important part in maintaining my diabetes control.  My numbers are much more in range during the warmer months.

My numbers are much more in range because I tend to be more active later in the day since there is more light.  It makes it difficult to go outside in the dark.  It is also more difficult when it is cold outside.  That means I stay inside and am less active which can have a higher number in my readings.

I have an active job so my numbers are usually in range as it is, but I still like to be active on my days off.  I especially like to be active after dinner to work off the meal and keep my blood sugar in range.  Now I know I could find other ways to be active.  I have done exercise videos before, but I can only take staying in one place for so long.  I do have a treadmill but I always get so dizzy after use, so I just stopped using it all together.   I could join a gym but that would not solve anything if I can just get the same equipment for home, and even then I don’t use the equipment at home.  If it is cold and dark I don’t want to have to drive out to a gym so it just defeats the purpose.

I am hoping to get creative next winter and find things that I can do to stay active, keep numbers under control and enjoy what I am doing.  What are your thoughts?  What things do you do to stay active indoors?

Thanks as always for reading.  Hope to hear from some of you.  Enjoy whatever season you are about to enter into!



Binge Watching

I know it’s been awhile since my last post.  I was just thinking of things to write but haven’t really had anything I wanted to share.  Plus, I got busy and forgot to come on.  I have decided to start to binge watch “The Walking Dead” on Netflix!  I have gotten already through the first two seasons and am excited to start the third.

I don’t know why I never was into it before.  I guess at the time it came out I thought it was just another surviving the end of the world show.  It actually is pretty good!  Also, I guess I wasn’t into zombie type movies or shows back in 2010, but now I just love movies that have to do with zombies, aliens, secret societies and all that.  It really does make me think, if some catastrophe ever did happen would the world crumble?  Would governments just fall and people be abandoned and left to fend for themselves?  Would society really have to start over again?

My answer is yes.  I hate to say it, but yes society would fall and whoever is left would have to live in a “fight or flight” new world.  The reason I say this is because most countries either have a leader that is in charge of everything so they have no free way of thinking, or they rely so much on the government for help that they would not know what to do without it.  Some countries baby their people so much that there is not a way for them to grow and learn for themselves.  So without a government they would have nothing to look up to, nowhere to go for help.  Only the strong, open minded, free thinking people would have a chance at surviving.  That is until they start fighting each other over land, food, water, gas, shelter etc.  It won’t be a pretty world to live in.

Well that’s my thought for the day.  Let’s just hope that nothing like this happens anytime soon.  If it does happen I hope I am proven wrong.  The only thing I would have to worry about is insulin.  I would not last long at all.  A lot of other people with an illness would not either.  That’s the scary thing to think about.  How long would we last?  I hope to never find out.

Thanks everyone for reading and let me know what you would do if some zombie or apocalypse type thing should happen?  Also, is there anything you are currently watching or binge watching?  Blog ya later!



Guns and What Needs to be Done

It has been one week since a massive school shooting occurred at a school in Florida that left 17 people dead.  The person that did the shooting was a young man of 19 years old and he used a deadly gun known as an AR-15.  This is a semi-automatic weapon that has been used in many other massive shootings throughout the country of America.  There needs to be a massive change in the way we allow individuals to buy and own guns.  Sure, there will be another way people will kill people but let’s decrease the use of guns in these few simple ways.

First, let me point out that I am not anti-gun, but I am anti-guns in the wrong hands.  When someone as young as 19 can’t buy alcohol, can’t even buy a handgun, but is allowed to buy an assault rifle, something went wrong.  The fact that someone as young as 19 can even buy a gun is wrong.  A deadly weapon such as gun should have an age limit, and should be at least 21.  That’s a first thing to change.

Second, owning a gun should come down to proper use and security of it.  If someone has an semi there must be a place where they can only use it.  A shooting range is a great idea, and then you must lock it up, have your own space, like at a bank.  That might be a little out of the question, but where is the need to have such a weapon at a house?

Third, just like driving a car requires a license and insurance, owning a gun must be treated as such.  Again, a long stretch, but it’s worth talking about.  How else are we to ensure that people properly buy and handle guns?

A final thought is that people that have a violent criminal record, mental health record, on the no-fly list etc, should not be allowed to buy any gun period!  If we know people are prone to carry out such an attack why make it easier for them to get a hold of something to carry out that attack?

These are just a few thoughts to talk about.  I realize a couple of them are very unrealistic and have no chance of happening.  Then again, how is anything going to happen if people don’t start asking questions?  How is anything going to happen if people don’t speak up and offer suggestions?  How is anything going to happen if we just sit back and say “now is not the time to talk about this?”  When is the time?  There will never be a good time, but if time just continues then we risk the chance of this happening again and again.  We end up right where we left off, demanding change, asking questions, offering solutions, only to be told again “now is not the time.”  I’m sorry, I don’ think there could be any better time than now!  Today!  Let’s talk about it!  Let’s listen to each other.  Let’s figure something out.

I know this topic is controversial, so I ask that everyone respects others views and opinions as to what needs or doesn’t need to be done or solved.  Please also feel free to say what you think.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!  Blog you all later!



Results From Last Visit at Doctors

The other day I had my quarterly diabetes checkup with my endocrinologist.  This is a type of doctor that specializes in diabetes and helps to make decisions on what type of insulin is needed and how much.  My endo (for short) is a really great guy!  He always loves to talk and shows a great interest in me and what I do.  He knows I work at a liquor store and really love wine, so he always talks about wine with me.  What is supposed to be a quick checkup and follow up can sometimes turn into half an hour of talking about wine, whisk(e)y, beer and stuff.  I like that.  I feel it is important when doctors show an interest in their patients.  That they are not just “here I am, keep doing what you are doing.”  Or, “change this, do that, have a great day.”  It builds a great relation when they take time to interact with their patients.  It shows that they care, and pay attention to us.

I visit this doctor about every four months.  A week before, I get my blood test and any other test that were ordered.  Usually I get an A1C test, which shows the amount of sugar in an average over a long period of time.  A higher A1C is what helps diagnose diabetes, and after, is what helps dictate what treatment is need.  My latest one was 6%, which is pretty good for someone with diabetes.  It was 5.9% last time, and stayed at 5.8% for awhile.  Considering I was at 13.8% when diagnosed and was in the hospital thinking I might die.  I have truly turned it around.

There wasn’t much more that changed as far as my insulin intake.  It just takes a little adjustment here and there, as with all treatments.  Overall I am happy and my doctor is happy with how I maintaining.  I am doing at the best most diabetics could be doing.  Many would kill to get that 6% or lower.  I have no complaints!

Not much more to report here, just wanted to share this with you all!  Hope everyone is having a great day/night and as always, thank you for reading.  Be safe and stay healthy!



Nickname Given at Work

There have been many nicknames I have had in the past.  Some I am still called to this day, others have died off and a couple were for a day or two.  Such nicknames I have been giving are Rye (or Ry) depending on how you want to spell it.  Rye Bread, Rye Guy, RJ, Crazy Eddie (I can’t explain that one), Riot, Hank (long story) and my most current one is Two Brooms.  That’s the one I will explain in this blog.

It is quite a funny story how I got my name Two Brooms.  It is a rather quick story, but I will add in some detail leading up to it.  I work at a liquor store as a stork clerk let’s call it.  My main duties include stocking shelves, assisting customers with purchases, doing carryouts, cleaning at end of shift and as well cleaning any breakage that happens in the store.  Don’t worry, everyone has to do this as well it just depends on who is working that day and who can get to the task sooner.  Well it was a breakage that happened in the store that would lead me to get my nickname.

A co-worker of mine was changing the wine on our enomatic, which is a wine station that allows you to keep wine fresh for many weeks.  We use this to give out samples to customers that want to try something new but are not sure what to get.  It is a great way to not only help us out with suggestions, but it also gives customers the chance to try something before they buy it.  Anyway, my co-worker was taking out a wine that had gone bad and while she was doing this she accidentally knocked a wine glass off the table.  There was a little wine in the glass so we needed to get a mop to clean it up.  Before we use the mop we take a broom and dustpan to clean up the glass.  She asked me to go get everything we needed to clean up and so I did, getting the broom and dustpan first.  So I thought.

After I had brought the broom and dustpan to her I went back to get the mop and mop bucket.  My co-worker got on her walkie (we wear these at work to talk to each other when we need something or are doing inventory) and she tells me when I come back with the mop to bring the dustpan.  “The dustpan?”  I reply as a question.  “Yes, the dustpan Ryan.  You brought me out two brooms.”  “Ok,” I said.  I thought she was crazy or joking around.  Sure enough she was correct.  I saw the dustpan in the back, but I was very sure I had taken one out to her.  So as I returned with the mop and dustpan sure enough to my eyes were two brooms that she was holding.  After that another co-worker started calling me Two Brooms, and it is sticking.  I love it!

I like the name so much that I even started using it in this baseball game I play and it is my team name.  It’s funny because when people play against me they will have no idea where that name came from.  Nor is there anyway they would.

So that’s my story of my current nickname that I have trending around.  Now it’s your turn.  What nicknames have you had or currently have?  How did these names come to be?  I bet there are some awesome stories waiting to be heard!

Thanks again as always for reading.  Hope this gave you all a little laugh today.  Take care!  See you in the next blog!